The Girl Next Door Is Every Man’s Fantasy

Caution: slippery when wet

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Famous Beauties As Super Girls

Camila Morais – “3suisses” Lingerie & Swimwear Photoshoot (23 photos)

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Hot Girls on Private Boats, a Gallery


A gallery with Drool Inducing Sexy Car Wash Girls

 Yesterday we had some issues with the Internet connection and we had to leave the office and do some other activities. I went at a car wash to clean up my bimmer and while I was waiting at the long line for my turn I thought how great it would be if I was going to wash my car at a bikini car wash.
I’ve never been at one but it’s definitely on my “To do” list because there’s nothing better than seeing hot girls getting all wet to wash your car. While I was thinking at this I’ve asked our intern to do some “research” on this topic and told him to find a bunch of pictures with hot car wash girls.
So, here we have a gallery with sexy car wash girls that will make you gawk and drool instantly! Enjoy.

40 Drool Inducing Photos of Hotties in Daisy Dukes


I’m pretty sure most of you guys and gals have seen The Dukes of Hazzard or at least you’ve heard it was pretty damn awesome but there’s something from that tv show that became even more popular than the series itself. I’m taking about those famous short shorts that turn a sexy girl into a supernova of hotness: the Daisy Dukes.
Cut-off jeans might not be the classiest attire for a girl to throw on, but let’s face it, apart from bikinis and lingerie, a pair of short shorts is almost the sexiest thing a girl could wear. And to prove that we’ve gathered a gallery with 40 gorgeous girls looking ridiculously sexy and demanding your full and undivided attention while wearing sexy daisy dukes. Enjoy!

Sexy Girls with Pigtails will make you go gaga


 really don’t know why pigtails are so damn sexy – maybe it’s because there’s a certain childishness and immaturity thrown into the mix that surely helps in the fantasy department and… I’m sure we all love to see that from time to time. Some girls are even hotter with pigtails, and, as long as they’re all of age, there’s nothing wrong with us enjoying every inch of them.
That’s why we’ve searched the web up and down earlier today to gather this drool inducing collection of sexy girls with pigtails that will surely make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I’m sure you’ll recognize some of these girls so, sit back, relax, and start scrolling down. Enjoy!

Hot Girls Working Out at the Gym (18 photos)

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Pictures Taken At The Right Moment


Jessica Rabbit Always On Your Mind


Jessica Rabbit has always been one of the most attractive female cartoon characters that has ever been created by Disney. She really raises the question whether she was originally intended for young audience or Jessica’s aim is to attract attention of adults. Anyway, Jessica Rabbit is a sight for sore eyes and remained in minds and fantasies of many of her fans for decades. Here is a gallery of inspiring art created around this famous cartoon character that will prove that it is not only the rabbit that goes nuts when he sees Miss Rabbit…

Alice in Weird Land


Girls Come Off At Full Speed

Oh, these girls will always find the worst possible time to take pictures.
and will do everything to ensure that the photos caused only a smile and,
sometimes, a strange sense of bewilderment on what happens to them 
However, if it were not for the social network, the existence of
such a positive image, we would never have learned.



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girls & cars

Beautiful Ass 2 (62 Photos)

Beautiful Army

These girls are not just brave, but very good looking. Who says that army is boring or enormously heavy for guys? Take a look at these girls and how they do it.

Beautiful Ass

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Cleavage is better than pizza. Barely. (48 photos)

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Celebrity Chicks Rocking Tight Yoga Pants

Anna Kournikova
No words would do justice to how incredibly gorgeous these asses look in tight yoga pants so we’ll let the pictures do all the talking.

Brazilian Beaches

Girls Doing Strange Things

Banned Advertising Campaign – Diesel Be Stupid Ads Campaign